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Glad you're here. 

First, set aside your current affiliations. We all have assumptions about what is healthy, and what isn't. In order to learn and grow, we have to be willing to let go of our current beliefs.


"Dismissal without investigation is a recipe for ignorance." - Rich Roll


If you're here, then it's likely that your current diet isn't working. Perhaps you are facing a severe illness or just lacking energy or focus. If you're following your approach, then it's worth asking which of your assumptions might be wrong.

That is where I was when I discovered the plant based approach. I had spent a lifetime searching for a diet that would leave me feeling great, lean and healthy.  Atkins, Zone, Perfect Health Diet, Paleo, and on and on. 

As a layperson, how are we to know what to do? Every week a new diet emerges as the frontrunner with scores of success stories and vehement testimonials clogging the comments section. Diet is incredibly personal, but let's set aside tribalism for a moment.

Until diet is a universally settled topic, we will have to go for a bit of experimentation and discipline. If you're game for that, give the plant based way a try for a week or two. Not much to lose.  You can always go back to what you're doing. If it fails you, then at least you'll know it isn't for you.




Meet The Experts

Pioneers of plant based nutrition


T. Colin Campbell

author of the china study

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John Mc Dougall

author of the Starch Solution

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caldwell esselstyn

Author of the Prevent & reverse heart disease

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Dean Ornish

author of the Spectrum

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Michael gregor

author of How Not to Die

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Rich Roll

author of Finding Ultra

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Nathan Pritikin

author of the Pritikin Permanent Weight Loss

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Joel Furman

author of Eat To Live

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The Diet In a Nutshell

Eat whole foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, and a healthy portion of starch. Avoid oils, processed grains, and animal products. 


Getting Started

21 Day Kickstart

7 Day Vegan Challenge

Ultimate Guide to Plant Based Nutrition



Thug Kitchen


Specific Food Information

Nutrition Facts.Org





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Forks over Knives

the plant based nutrition movement


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What the Health

Diet, disease & dollars

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The Impact of Agriculture

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