Mistakes Were Made

We’re human, we will always make mistakes. Our emotions make life worth living, but they can also be our worst enemy. Sometimes they will get the best of us. That’s a part of life.

The question is, when you make a mistake, what do you do? Do you find all the reasons why you were justified in your action, or do you look inward, for your own role in the situation? 

Learning to navigate these choppy waters is a skill like any other. Relationships take time, they take investment. If you’ve made a mistake or wronged someone you care about, own it. Apologize.

All you can do is express your honest regret for your own actions and their impact. The other person may not accept your apology and that’s ok, but sometimes - sometimes they do. A repaired relationship, like a half broken and twisted branch, is stronger haven been strained, and that’s a beautiful thing.