Papers pile up, as they often due - pages filled with scribbled residue. Tackling the stack, one by one, recognizing not all, but some. In that moment, a decision made, level up my penmanship, return to the third grade.



Apologies for the poor prose above - let’s return to the present century.

The experience recounted above, where I could not recognize my own writing set me off on a journey. Time to improve my writing. Not to become a human font generator, but for utility and beauty. You’ll find the resources I’m using below in case you wish to follow along or take a stab and improving your own written art.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 8.56.28 AM.png

Italic Method

A great overview of the Icelandic approach in Cursive Italic News.

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New South Wales Foundation

A great primer on italic writing for adults and kids alike.

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Handwriting Repair

Briem’s workbook for aspiring improvers.

Nan Jay Barchowsky created a course worth checking out.

Emily Yoffee and her daughter set out on a similar journey.

A good example of a nice italics form from Finland.