Building Winning Products

Point of View is Worth 80 IQ Points

The products we love have moments that surprise us (in a good way). It could be the speed of Google search, unboxing our first Apple product, or the instant acceleration of a Tesla.

How did these companies come up with these magical experiences? More to the point, how can we, as product people, do the same? One thing we know is that the first step isn’t the backlog.

Great products start with a unique perspective. A 'wow' moment is born of a point of view and a willingness to unlock something in your user, not your application. 

Point of view is worth 80 IQ points
— Alan Kay

Reaching this rarified air, demands we push beyond our area of expertise and investigate who we are trying to serve. What super power would make a different in their life? What is the world we are trying to create for them?  What do we believe about how things are today, and how they should be tomorrow.  Be bold. Be audacious. We are exploring after all.

Our point of view should be so out there that people don't want to copy it. If it's not a bit weird, a bit off the beaten path, you won’t be remarkable, and getting people talking is the ticket to entry for a new product.

Instagram began with the idea that everyone should be able to make great images. Filters were the feature, but it came as a natural byproduct of their unique perspective.

Mindset drives capability.