Building Winning Products

How Software Really Gets Built

Paul Graham is one my favorite writers. His essays are a treasure.

He recently posted his explanation on how programming works. It’s wonderful in its simplicity and highlights the base reality of building anything.

We start with an idea, something that inspires us enough to act. We build it and find out our idea wasn’t as good as we thought.

At this point, many (myself included) quit, but this is the pivotal time. This is the Dip. This is the Resistance. Now is when you sturdy yourself, go back, rethink the idea, listen to feedback, and try again.

Building software can sound complex with Agile, Lean, Kanban, Story Points, Burndown charts, Scrum Masters, and on and on. Let go of all the process and get back to what matters.

Building, sharing, fixing, building, and sharing again.